Glass lid chest freezers
  Deltaglass 03
  Isoglass Duo
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 Isoglass    Sliding glass lids chest freezer
The modern, innovative look of this slope top freezer will enhance the attractiveness of your shop and your goods. The large capacity, the front glass and the sliding glass lids give you an optimal display of frozen foods.
Glass lid chest freezers Isoglass
Temp. -18°C -22°C (by +30°C room temperature)
Air circulation in tunnel of the condenser
Settings with temperature display, tension light and alarm
Ventilated pre-condenser with static condenser in tank
Cooper evaporator
2 compressors except TG model
Insulation 70 mm
White lacquered steel tank and body
Curved sliding lids
Bumper bars
4 rails & 2 hooks dividers
Inner lighting
False bottom grid (to rise up the inner storage)
Price holder
Alarm relay (temperature or power cut)
Outer shelf
Set for linking back to back
Frozen foods
Ice cream
Please, take into consideration the annoyances of the built-in machines (heat and / or annoyance sound level that might be made depending on the shop design).


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