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 Super Hawai    Ice cream showcase - ventilated refrigeration
Available from 4 ice cream trays of 5 litres, HAWAI is a ventilated refrigeration systemideal for intensive use.
Ice cream showcases Super Hawai
Temperature -14°C -16°C (by +30°C room temperature)
Ventilated refrigeration
2 levels of ice cream trays
Anti-mist wire
Automatic defrosting
Curved glassed
Capacity : 4 to 12 ice-cream arays on display
2 depths : 630 mm and 785 mm
Tropicalized compressor
Possible to personalise branding upon request
Frozen foods
Ice cream
Please, take into consideration the annoyances of the built-in machines (heat and / or annoyance sound level that might be made depending on the shop design).


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