Agatha stated straight glazing
  Aigue-marine Inox
  Bio Etal Marée
  Crystal 790 - 901
  Diamant curved front glass or upright front glass
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 Lilas    Pastry counter
This plug-in and refrigerated ventilated counter is characterized by a higher display area than a traditional pastry counter. Closest view of customers, pastries and sandwiches are valued. The model is available in plug-in or remote system version.
Counters Lilas
Temperature +2°C +4°C (by +25°C room temperature)
Ventilated refrigeration
Automatic defrosting
Electronic regulation
Front glass with upright in grey color
Stainless steel display area 615 mm depth
2 intermediate shelves with lights (no refrigerated)
Chocolate, salad, neutral, bain-marie, ventilated heating version with stainless version
Stratified standard decor
Stratified wooden front and side panels 19 mm depth
Marble or granit work top
Lacquered decor (RAL color) from 1 unit
Remote system version
Refrigerated reserve
Dairy foods
Fruits and vegetables
 Please, take into consideration the annoyances of the built-in machines (heat and / or annoyance sound level that might be made depending on the shop design).


Ref Designation Capacity Weight(kg) Lenght(mm) Power Delivery time
4306010LILAS 85 V0.523 m285850281 W / -10°C 
4306012LILAS 85 NEUTRAL0.523 m285850  
4306013CHOCOLATE LILAS 850.523 m285850281 W / -10°C 
4306014SALAD LILAS 850.523 m285850281 W / -10°C 
4306015BAIN MARIE LILAS 850.523 m285850281 W / -10°C 
4306050TOWER 52 - 2 SHELVES0.95 m2 515  
4306060LILAS 125 V0.769 m21001250281 W / -10°C 
4306061LILAS 125 RV0.769 m21001250471 W / -10°C 
4306062LILAS 125 NEUTRAL0.769 m21001250  
4306063CHOCOLATE LILAS 1250.769 m21001250281 W / -10°C 
4306064SALAD LILAS 1250.769 m21001250281 W / -10°C 
4306065BAIN MARIE LILAS 1250.769 m21001250281 W / -10°C 
4306110LILAS 165 V 1.015 m21301650471 W / -10°C 
4306111LILAS 165 RV1.015 m21301650855 W / -10°C 
4306112LILAS 165 NEUTRAL1.015 m21301650  
4306114SALAD LILAS 1651.015 m21301650471 W / -10°C 
4306115BAIN MARIE LILAS 1651.015 m21301650471 W / -10°C 
4306170LILAS 205 V1.261 m21772050855 W / -10°C 
4306171LILAS 205 RV1.261 m21772050855 W / -10°C 
4306172LILAS 205 NEUTRAL1.261 m21772050  
4306220LILAS 250 V1.538 m22202500855 W / -10°C 
4306221LILAS 250 RV1.538 m222025001038 W / -10°C 
4306222LILAS 250 NEUTRAL1.538 m22202500  
4306260TOWER 103 - 2 SHELVES1.9 m2 1030  

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