Stainless steel cabinets
  Eco-Inox 1406
  Eco-Inox 706
  HVL 141-601 stainless steel glass door
  HVL 141-601 Stainless Stell
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 HVL 141-601 stainless steel glass door     Upright stainless steel freezer or cooler
Stainless steel storage cabinets in positive or negative temperatures, intended for fresh products and frozen food conservation. Keylock and stainless steel outer finish.
Stainless steel cabinets HVL 141-601 stainless steel glass door
Pos Stainless steel glass door HVL 141 to 601
Temp. -2°C +8°C (by +30°C room temp.)
Ventilated refrigeration
3 adjustable shelves for HVL 141
4 adjustable shelves for HVL 401 to 601 pos
Automatic defrostring with water re-evaporation
Neg Stainlless steel glass door HVL 141 to 601
Temp. -18°C -25°C (by +30°C room temperature)
Static refrigeration
3 fixed refrigerated shelves for HVL 141
6 fixed refrigerated shelves for HVL 401 to 601
Manual defrosting
Manual thermostat setting with temperature digital display
White lacquered steel vat
Stainless steel body
Glass door
2 front feet
2 rear wheels
White Inner /Outside
Frozen foods
Ice cream
Dairy foods
Fruits and vegetables
Please, take into consideration the annoyances of the built-inmachines (heat and / or annoyance sound level that might be made depending on the shop design).


Ref Designation Capacity Weight(kg) Lenght(mm) Power Delivery time
3469003G.DOOR NEG ST.STEEL HVL 141130 L47600185 W 
3469004G.DOOR POS ST.STEEL HVL 141140 L44600150 W / 1 A 
3469008G.DOOR POS ST.STEEL HVL 401360 L69600185 W / 1,5 A 
3469009G.DOOR NEG ST.STEEL HVL 401350 L72600200 W 
3469075G.DOOR POS ST.STEEL HVL 601580 L90775185 W 
3469076G.DOOR NEG ST.STEEL HVL 601570 L93775240 W 

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