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 Super Vision    Ice cream showcase - ventilated refrigeration
Ventilated refrigeration display cabinet which gives a 3D visibility thanks to its transparent structure and ice cream trays. Temperature homogeneity all over the unit. Tilting front glass door.
Ice cream showcases Super Vision
Temp. -18°C -22°C (by +25°C room temperature)
Inner lighting
Ventilated refrigeration
Double air flowing
Automatic defrosting
Side closing with sliding polycarbonate doors
Steel structure and reserve
Digital control board
Thermometer in the reserve
Profil and ceiling-mounted luminaire
Stainless steel area display level and service steel
Structure in Wengé
Frozen foods
Ice cream
Please, take into consideration the annoyances of the built-in machines (heat and/or annoyance sound level that might be made depending on the shop design). 


Ref Designation Capacity Weight(kg) Lenght(mm) Power Delivery time
2503100SUPER VISION 12 SP H112 BAGS 5L32011661740 W / 3,1 A 
2503101SUPER VISION 12 SP H212 BAGS 5L33111661740 W / 3.1 A 
2503110SUPER VISION 16 SP H116 BAGS 5L38014962470 W / 6,3 A 
2503111SUPER VISION 16 SP H216 BAGS 5L39014962470 W / 6.3 A 
2503120SUPER VISION 18 SP H118 BAGS 5L40916612780 W / 6,8 A 
2503121SUPER VISION 18 SP H218 BAGS 5L41916612780 W / 6.8 A 
2503130SUPER VISION 20 SP H120 BAGS 5L44418263600 W / 9,7 A 
2503131SUPER VISION 20 SP H220 BAGS 5L45418263600 W / 9.7 A 
2503140SUPER VISION 24 SP H124 BAGS 5L51021563950 W / 9,9 A 
2503141SUPER VISION 24 SP H224 BAGS 5L52021563950 W / 9.9 A 
2503150OPEN CORNER 45° H113 BAGS 5L    
2503151OPEN CORNER 45° H213 BAGS 5L    
2503160OPEN CORNER 90° H1     
2503161OPEN CORNER 90° H2     

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