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  Visioglass 05
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 Visioglass 05    Wall display - with remote refrigeration unit
Negative or positive wall display cabinet with large glass doors, perfect for fresh products or frozen food display. This remote refrigeration systemcabinet has a big storage capacity thanks to its adjustable shelves. VISIOGLASS of height 2100mmcan be connected together and customised.
Wall displays Visioglass 05
Temperature -18°C -22°C (by +25°C room temperature) for negative version
Temp. 0°C +6°C (by +25°C room temperature) for positive version
Ventilated refrigeration
Digital control board
Automatic defrosting
Inner lighting
2 to 5 glass doors available
5 adjustable shelves - depth : 500 mm
White lacquered steel vat
Gas R404 A
Side panel negative version depth : 55 mm
Side panel positive version depth : 40 mm
RAL colour from one unit
LED vertical lighting
Frozen foods
Ice cream
Dairy foods
Fruits and vegetables


Ref Designation Capacity Weight(kg) Lenght(mm) Power Delivery time
4037015VISIOGLASS 05 2P NEG4,3 m255015621800 W / -35°C 
4037016VISIOGLASS 05 2P POS4,3 m255015731626 W / -35°C 
4037025VISIOGLASS 05 3P NEG6 m265023432550 W / -35°C 
4037026VISIOGLASS 05 3P POS6 m265023552386 W / -35°C 
4037035VISIOGLASS 05 4P NEG7,98 m275031243200 W / -35°C 
4037036VISIOGLASS 05 4P POS7,98 m275031473155 W / -35°C 
4037045VISIOGLASS 05 5P NEG10 m285039054000 W / -35°C 
4037046VISIOGLASS 05 5P POS10 m285039374150 W / -35°C 

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